Hot Flashes in Young Women

Hot flashes are sudden episodes of intense heat pervading the body, followed by chills, lasting for a few minutes. Although brief, a hot flash is distressing, as there is profuse sweating and flushing of the face, chest and neck.

Reproductive hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and many others, play a significant role in the overall physiology of women. Their importance is felt when they start to get depleted, beginning in the early to mid 40s. Several unpleasant symptoms start to become apparent, as the body struggles to cope with the transition. One such symptom is a hot flash, also known as Vasomotor Symptoms (VMS)

A hot flash is a common symptom of approaching menopause. It is also quite common in those who have already reached menopause. Young women usually do not have hot flashes, but it is not a rare occurrence either, although they have fewer episodes as compared to older women. It can occur at any time during the day or night. Women who have a hot flash at night often wake up suddenly, feeling the need to take off their clothes and open a window to let in some cool air. Such an episode lasts

Hot Flashes in Men

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Hot flashes or sweats are most common menopause symptoms, and so are mostly associated with women. However, there are many men who suffer from hot flashes and don’t consider any treatment for this condition. But, men experiencing these flashes should seek medical help, as they could be sign pointing a serious health disorder.


Andropause: Andropause is male menopause which occurs during the aging process in men, and hot flashes are the common symptoms of this condition. Other symptoms accompanied by the flashes in this process include weight gain, trouble at sleeping and slow hair growth.
Infections: Certain infections like HIV/AIDS or tuberculosis can also cause night sweats.
Tumor/Cancer: If you are experiencing hot flashes along with testicular pain, immediately contact a doctor as this could be a sign of cancer. Males can also experience these flashes due to a tumor present in pituitary gland or hypothalamus.
Hormone Level: Sudden hot flashes may also occur as a hormone imbalance symptom, like when there is a sudden and substantial lowering in the level of the testosterone, which is the sex hormone or the androgen hormone.
Reaction to Food/Medicine: Reaction to MSG, that is, mono sodium glutamate can