Fight Your Cholesterol with the Right Herbal Supplement

Cholesterol is essential for your body; however, at unusually high level, it can be very dangerous. Cholesterol is considered one of the most important substances that the body needs because it is one of the primary components of cell membranes and because it assists in the production of sex and adrenal hormones. Your body will not be able to digest vitamin D effectively if it lacks necessary amount of cholesterol. However, cholesterol can also be dangerous. At high level, cholesterol may clog the arteries and cause many serious health problems, including heart attack and stroke. If you don’t control your cholesterol level, your health and even your life might be threatened.

Many believe that cholesterol can be controlled only with proper diet and exercise. While this is true for most people, there are some people who still have to deal with cholesterol problem even if they have improved their diet and exercise routine. Many of them eventually resort to using drugs that are believed to inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol, such as lovastatin. If you face similar problem when trying to lower your cholesterol level, instead of using drugs, which may cause unwanted side effects, you may want to

How to Handle Male Menopause

Yes, the male menopause is not a myth. It is very much real and your husband may be suffering from it. If you are a man looking for some help, here are some tips to help you deal with it.
It’s not just the women who go through menopause. Men do too. However, there is a catch here. The male menopause or andropause has not been ‘well-defined’ by doctors. But, patients have shown symptoms as well as response to treatments. Well, ever heard of the midlife crisis that most men go through in their late thirties to their forties? They deal with the male menopause soon after. Ever since we are born till we die, the hormonal composition in our body keeps changing. In old age, the sex hormones understandably deplete. These hormones control the physical and sexual changes in your body as you pass through stages of puberty, adulthood and old age. These are estrogen and progesterone in females and testosterone in males.

Menopause marks the decline in their levels in human body. In women, menopause occurs with noticeable changes that end their menstrual cycle. However, in men, these changes are perceived as signs of

How to Prepare Your Child for Surgery

Talking to your child about his impending surgery and explaining what lies ahead will help him and you deal better with the situation. It can make the whole procedure less stressful.
If your child needs surgery and you have opted for elective surgery, then you have time on your hands to explain to your child all about the procedure. It’s advisable to talk to them about the hospital procedures and the surgery, it will make you less anxious. Explain in kid-friendly terms why he has to undergo the surgery. It’s human nature to fear the unknown. So if they know what is going to happen and why it is going to happen, they will be less scared. So to put their fears to rest, you as a parent should educate yourself about the surgery, so that you are in a better position to answer your child. To do that, schedule a visit with the doctor and ask all questions pertaining to the procedure and if there are any risks associated with the surgery. Find out if the hospital rules allow parents to be present in the operating room when the surgery is being carried out,

What do Imaginary Conversations with Yourself Signify?

Loneliness, preparation, dissatisfaction, childhood habit or a psychological disorder, imaginary conversations can stem from any of these reasons. Let us have a detailed discussion on the significance of these conversations.
The society does not consider imaginary conversations with oneself, normal. As this is not freely accepted, people who feel comfortable in carrying out such conversations, tend to feel awkward about this habit. However, not every person who talks to himself, suffers from a disorder. Talking in general, there are several situations in which people feel the need to discuss a few issues only with their own selves.

For such situations, they probably feel the need of self-advice. They may talk to themselves in order to avoid the interference of others in their personal matters. Even then, the question here is: are these people different from others? What could this behavior signify? Are they mentally ill? Not at all. Imaginary conversations can actually prove to be beneficial in maintaining one’s sanity. Let us discuss ‘talking to yourself – a helpless habit or a mental disorder’, in detail.

Possible Reasons Behind Conversing with Oneself

A person can have an imaginary conversation with four different entities altogether. These people may include

Projectile Vomiting in Infants

Infant vomiting is very common, as babies usually spit up a small amount of the ingested food. But, projectile vomiting in babies could be dangerous, if it is persistent or severe.
Most of us are familiar with the fact that infants vomit or spit up after feedings. This is very common in babies and parents do not worry about it, though it is inconvenient and annoying for them. However, in some infants, vomiting could be a cause of worry. For example, projectile vomiting in infants could be dangerous, as it may indicate some serious medical condition. Parents must have a basic idea about the different types of vomiting in infants, in order to differentiate between them and identify projectile vomiting.

Vomiting in Infants

As mentioned earlier, vomiting can be of three types, as far as infants are concerned. They include reflux, posseting and projectile vomiting. The first type called reflux, occurs when the valve that controls the entry of the food from the esophagus to the stomach opens up in between and allows the contents in the stomach to enter the esophagus and come out through the mouth. This reflux is common in infants and most of

How to Deal With Irritable Male Syndrome

Middle-aged men suffer from irritable male syndrome, which is caused by hormonal fluctuations, biochemical changes and stress. Dealing with this syndrome is necessary to maintain a stress-free life for the man as well as the family.
Do you find your husband gloomy, grumpy, impatient, angry, tensed, annoyed, jealous, overworked and stressed these days? If yes, he may be suffering from Irritable Male Syndrome. Given below are ways to deal with this problem so as to make your family life better…

Many middle-aged men reflect a change in behavior by remaining hypersensitive, anxious, frustrated and angry all the time. Sometimes, this kind of behavior is attributed to work-related stress, financial pressures, etc. However, many a time, it is a result of what is known as irritable male syndrome (IMS), which is also known as andropause. Just as women go through menopause during midlife, many men go through andropause. It brings a not-so-pleasing change in a man’s life. He reflects symptoms like irritability, mood swings, anger, depression, lack of libido, body aches, hypersensitivity, etc. When going through all of these, his behavior towards his family and moreover, his partner becomes disrespectful which creates a lot of tension in

What is Qigong?

Qigong (Chi Kung) means cultivating energy. It is a system practiced for health maintenance, healing and increasing vitality. All the types of Qigong, involve a posture, (static and dynamic), breathing techniques, and mental focus. Over the time, five distinct traditions of Qigong has been developed in China, each with its own theories and characteristics.
Qigong is a traditional Chinese healing procedure that combines several gentle physical movements, breathing techniques, and meditation (that integrates the mind and the body) to strengthen the body, and make it more energetic and healthy.
Pronounced as Chee-Gung, this healing method dates back to 2,500 – 5000 years. The meaning of Qigong can be understood by breaking it up into two words that make it, Qi meaning life force and Gong meaning the development of skill through practice, over a time period. As such, this procedure revolves around creating and utilizing healthy energies for the purpose of physical and mental healing.
Here, we attempt to understand what Qigong is, by looking into the elements that comprise this procedure.
How is It Practiced
As mentioned earlier, Qigong is a mixture of several practices that contribute towards both, physical and mental healing. Here

Infant Fever After Shots

One of the natural reactions of immunization in infants is fever. Although parents do not like this, it is important to understand that it is a sign that the child’s immune system is becoming stronger. Read on to know more.
Most parents loathe the discomfort that their infants undergo after they get their shots. However, it is important to remember that the advantages of immunization far outweigh its side effects. Infants are born with certain antibodies that fight infection. There are others that they receive from the mother’s milk as they are breastfed. However, the protection from these antibodies are temporary. Hence, even if infant fever bothers you or your child, be assured that vaccines are important to build your child’s immunity against a host of diseases, in future.

The Reason Behind Infant Fever

Vaccines are killed or weakened strains of disease-causing organisms that are introduced into the body. The body recognizes these organisms as foreign bodies. The immune system destroys these organisms and ‘remembers’ them so that the next time the individual is attacked by the organisms naturally, the body fights them back. Rise in temperature of the body is a sign that the body is

Breast Lesion: Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia

Diagnosis of atypical ductal hyperplasiaAtypical Ductal Hyperplasia (ADH) refers to the development of a breast lesion due to proliferation of abnormal cells within the milk ducts of the breasts. ADH is considered to be a risk factor or precursor to low-grade ductal carcinoma in situ, which is why prompt treatment and follow-up become extremely essential for those who have been diagnosed with ADH. The following write-up provides information on this condition.

The term ‘hyperplasia’ refers to the overgrowth of cells in a particular part of the body. Hyperplasia of the breast, which is also known as proliferative breast disease, refers to an overgrowth of the cells in the glandular part of the breast. Glandular tissue, which is one of the two main types of tissues that is found in the breast, comprises the lobules and ducts. The supportive tissue, which consists of the fatty tissue and the connective tissue, affects the shape and size of breasts. Lobules are the glands that make breast milk, whereas the ducts carry milk from the lobules to the nipple. Hyperplasia of the glandular part of the breast is categorized into ductal hyperplasia and lobular hyperplasia. The overgrowth of abnormal

Tips to Deal with Diogenes Syndrome

Tip to deal with Diogenes syndromeDiogenes syndrome, a mental health disorder that often affects the elderly population, is characterized by extreme self neglect, domestic squalor, and social withdrawal. This Buzzle write-up provides information about the symptoms and a few tips to deal with Diogenes syndrome.
The Diogenes syndrome is named after the Greek philosopher Diogenes of Sinope (4th century BCE), who was a proponent of cynicism. This eponym is a misnomer, as Diogenes was a minimalist, whereas people affected by this syndrome exhibit the trait of compulsive hoarding.
The term ‘Diogenes syndrome’ was coined in 1975 by Clark et al, but this condition was earlier described by MacMillan and colleagues in 1966. Also referred to as senile squalor or social withdrawal in the elderly, this disorder is associated with an extreme form of self-neglect, a tendency to hoard rubbish, poor personal hygiene, domestic squalor, social alienation, and refusal of all help. It is believed that this condition might co-exist with dementia or obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Hoarding, which is believed to be a characteristic feature of this syndrome, has also been associated with other psychiatric disorders such as frontotemporal dementia, schizophrenia, delusional disorder, etc.

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